The Journey Starts Here

Get out of my head In an effort to sort out that which sleep was unavailable to do, the memories and experiences of the recent ITERA Expedition Race Wales, I’ve begun to write them down here. Enjoy them if you will or not, it’s a long read and rather like the race you may lose […]

ITERA14 Prologue Cardiff Bay

First cut video compilation of the Prologue from the recent ITERA Expedition Race Wales 2014. The Prologue was a early pre-race special stage comprising of a 5k run around the Cardiff Bay Trail to the National White Water Centre, a descent of the rapids, then a 5k run back to the start. The times of […]

Stage9 CP62 Behind The Waterfalls

A short video from the Waterfall Checkpoint CP62 on Stage 9 of the ITERA Expedition Race in Wales.