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Bangor - Conway MTB: 53.255355, -3.935852

Bangor to Conway – MTB

The route to Conway castle followed the line of the coast on back lanes and byways  until we reached Llanfairfechan where upon we climbed up on to the North Wales Coastal Path and followed this via Sychnant pass down into Conway.  The views from the top of this route were amazing, and the cycling just technical enough to be enjoyable.

Conway Castle

Conway Castle
Conway Castle

Bowling down the hill into Conway and suddenly there’s people everywhere, and spotting the arrows we’re guided into the transition area below the Castle on the side of the estuary. Welcoming faces and quiet encouragement; we’re discarding the bikes temporarily for a run around the castle, collecting controls. Trying to avoid dislodging tourists with small children off the top of the walls, we collect all the CPs with out too much trouble and at a reasonable pace then its back to transition.

It’s clear, to others especially, I’m suffering already. I’m dog-tired and apparently hungry. Firm encouragement to eat, and eat and drink and eat again, can’t be ignored and I’m grateful and obey but it’s hard even though I know how important it is.

After the 3rd cup of coffee and squashed banana it’s back to the bikes and we head off on what was the original MTB stage to Ogwen, via Zip World.