Contacting the Team

You can use this form to contact the team by email.

Don’t use this in an emergency

Don’t use this and expect a reply during race days as we’ll not be able to respond or even read messages.

Twitter is the prefered message stream, we may just see those during the race and send a few replies as well.

Use the twitter handle  @teamfansAR

Terms & Conditions

This site is written by the team members themselves, with occasional input from sponsors or guest authors. The content represents the individual author’s opinions and ideas and is in no way related to or approved of by their respective employers.

You should note that the content may include mild swearing and other strident views or language but it is never intended to offend unless it is explicitly highlighted as such.

The content may also include pictures of strife and pain and deprivation (mainly of the sleep kind) usually of the team themselves or other competitors. There may be pictures of bloody injuries such as blisters or mild trauma. These images  are included, not to shock you the viewer but to illicit sympathy even though you all appreciate it’s all self inflicted.

If you wish to comment on the site or any post or item or article, please do so but there are some minor rules

  • no commercial posts unless you have sponsored us in some way or other, and had prior agreement
  • no offensive posts or comments especially personal ones directed at individuals regardless of their status
  • no hateful or racist comments
  • no religion or politics, there are better place for that than here anyway
  • If you continue to view the contents of this site or comment on any of the posts or content you have been deemed to accept these terms and conditions.

I or other members of the team shall be the final and sole (collective) arbiters of what breaks the rules, offending items will be deleted without notice or recompense of any sort.

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